Wholesale availability

At Annie’s Extracts, we absolutely wholesale. I love to support fellow small businesses! Please contact me via email and I will send you any and all information.

How big is the bottle and how far will it go?

Each extract comes in a 2 ounce glass bottle with a dropper to make customizing your baked goods and handmade cocktails easier. Use as little or as much flavor as you want!  Each bottle can flavor somewhere between 75-100 cocktails depending on how much flavoring you use in each drink.

Custom and personalized orders?

Do you have questions about customizing an order or label? Please do email me and I will be happy to accommodate to the best of my ability. I love seeing customers enjoy using these products in the most unique way.

How do I care for my extracts?

Extracts can last for 1-2 years if stored properly. A cabinet with minimal exposure to light is ideal for your extract’s color and flavor longevity.

Why doesn’t the extract taste sweet out of the bottle?

Extracts are not meant to stand alone. For example: vanilla extract doesn’t taste sweet on its own. You have to add something sweet to it to taste the flavor.
To sample the flavor, add 1-2 droppers of extract and a little agave or simple syrup to 1-2 oz carbonated water. Gently swirl and enjoy! Wanting a stronger flavor? Simply add more extract to your sample.