Allow me to introduce myself... My name is Annie and I own Annie's Extracts, LLC! (Taking a deep breath so I can make talking about myself as quick as possible.)  A little about me...



I am from Tulsa, Oklahoma, an emerging mecca for art and home to some of the wildest weather you can imagine! (We secretly enjoy crazy weather here.)  I married my high school sweetheart almost 20 years ago and we have three amazing kiddos that rule our social schedule these days.  I like to think we make life pretty fun for our family of five, but our children would most likely disagree when it is time for chores and homework. Ha!

My degrees and professional background are in the marketing and entertainment industries.  Although I loved my super fun career, I chose to take a break and stay home after my first child was born.  That break started 13 YEARS AGO?!? Yikes!

I love gardening, running, graphic designing, attending concerts, traveling and doing anything creative with my hands...hence this business!  I am most productive when listening to Beck, Green Day, Weezer and all of the other alternative greats. CAKE, ANYONE??? 

I am a reformed people pleaser who always hugs, laughs a lot, talks too much and gets super scatter brained when overwhelmed.  My biggest fear is that I won't be a good enough wife and mom, although my family tells me I am doing an "okay job." (I'll take it!)

There, that wasn't too bad, right? (Don't answer that!)

So, how does a middle-aged mom of 3 crazy kids and a background in marketing/entertainment end up starting a business making random extract flavors for drinks and baking?


For my 30th birthday, I went away with my best friends for a girl's weekend. While shopping in a small town, I found some amazing vanilla extract that I just had to bring home. After finishing the bottle, I couldn’t find anything like it close by, so thought I would try to make it myself. I began giving it out as presents around the holidays but found that my friends kept bringing their bottles back for more every few months. This surprised me and I began wondering what other flavors would be fun to try that my friends would enjoy....

After some serious boredom during the Pandemic of 2020, I began exploring other extract flavors using herbs and florals I grew in my own garden. After a couple of years perfecting my new flavors, they became just as popular as the vanilla! Once my children all started school, I began to get serious about taking the next steps to turn my fun hobby into a business.

10 years after the girls' trip that inspired me, I took the leap and began Annie’s Extracts. Creating unique flavors that can be used in Italian sodas, alcoholic drinks, baked goods, ice creams, salad dressings and more is my passion. I love nothing more than seeing customers get excited over new flavors and the possibilities they bring to the kitchen.

I hope you will enjoy Annie’s Extracts too, friend!
Please feel free to share any great recipes you come up with on my Facebook or Instagram! @extractsbyannie